A Chicken In Every PlotAdam TaftAlice Davidson
AliciaBill MaxwellCharles Ratner
Cyler JohnsonDavid SpringfieldDon't Mess Around With Jim
Edith MorabitoEdward McAstelliEric Simpson
EtienneFelipe AugereauFireman
Gerald StockerGordon McCreadyGreg Matthews
Harry DavidsonHere's Looking At You, KidHog Wild
James J. BeckJohn MackieJohn Smith
Johnny DamantiJordan HeathKevin Hinkley
Les CarlisleLes MastersList of The Greatest American Hero Episodes
Louie DevoutMarshall DunnMike
My Heroes Have Always Been CowboysNelson CoreyOperation: Spoilsport
Paco RodriguezPamela DavidsonRalph Hinkley
Reseda RoseRhonda BlakeRobert Moody
Rose BlakeSaturday On Sunset BoulevardScarlet Wild
Serge ValenkovShacklefordSheila Redman
Ted McSherryThe AliensThe Beast in Black (episode)
The Best Desk ScenarioThe Greatest American HeroThe Greatest American Hero Pilot
The Greatest American Hero WikiThe Hit Car (episode)The Two-Hundred-Mile-An-Hour-Fastball
Theodore SvensonTheresa ValenkovTony Villicana
Tracy Wilson
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File:2014-10-18 13.38.29.jpgFile:6806608-0-large.jpgFile:70A1CC0F-319C-4E67-9ADB-3BD41A74BB32.jpg
File:86B9242E-4AB5-488C-84AF-0E09EDEBBBEF.jpgFile:A Chicken in Every Plot.jpgFile:A Chicken in Every Plot (The Greatest American Hero)
File:Adam Taft.jpgFile:Alice Davidson.jpgFile:Alicia.jpg
File:Bill's ID.jpgFile:Bill2.jpgFile:Bill3.jpg
File:Bill 1.pngFile:Captain Bellybuster and the Speed Factory (The Greatest American Hero)File:Carlisle.jpg
File:Classical Gas (The Greatest American Hero)File:Cyler.jpgFile:Desk Boss.jpg
File:Desperado (The Greatest American Hero)File:Divorce Venusian Style (The Greatest American Hero)File:Don't Mess Around With Jim.jpg
File:Don't Mess Around With Jim (The Greatest American Hero)File:Dreams (The Greatest American Hero)File:Dunley.jpg
File:ECV 00006File:Eric Simpson.jpgFile:FerFam.jpg
File:Fire Man (The Greatest American Hero)File:Fireman ep.jpgFile:Gen Starker.jpg
File:Hairdresser.jpgFile:Head constable.jpgFile:Heaven Is in Your Genes (The Greatest American Hero)
File:Henry Davidson.jpgFile:Here's Looking At You, Kid.jpgFile:Here's Looking at You Kid (The Greatest American Hero)
File:Hog Wild.jpgFile:Hog Wild (The Greatest American Hero)File:InvdK.jpg
File:It's All Downhill from Here (The Greatest American Hero)File:It's Only Rock 'N Roll (The Greatest American Hero)File:Jim Beck.jpg
File:John Smith.jpgFile:Johnny Damanti.jpgFile:Jordan Heath.jpg
File:Just Another Three Ring Circus (The Greatest American Hero)File:Kevin.jpgFile:KusoCartoon 13915907034061 .jpg
File:KusoCartoon 13977727285473 .jpgFile:KusoCartoon 13990975033226 .jpgFile:KusoCartoon 14011309884133 .jpg
File:KusoCartoon 14134811262144 .jpgFile:KusoCartoon 14156481520850 .jpgFile:KusoCartoon 14159217859235 .jpg
File:KusoCartoon 14165610944347 .jpgFile:KusoCartoon 14165611577076 .jpgFile:KusoCartoon 14165612559202 .jpg
File:KusoCartoon 14178146495244 .jpgFile:KusoCartoon 14183589577212 .jpgFile:KusoCartoon 14232660873544 .jpg
File:KusoCartoon 14370844526721 .jpgFile:KusoCartoon 14554309120725 .jpgFile:KusoCartoon 15113916759694 .jpg
File:Lilacs, Mr. Maxwell (The Greatest American Hero)File:Live at Eleven (The Greatest American Hero)File:Louie Devout.jpg
File:Mackie, John1.jpgFile:Mathews.jpgFile:McCready.jpg
File:Mike.jpgFile:Moody.jpgFile:My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys.jpg
File:My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys (The Greatest American Hero)File:Nelson Corey.jpgFile:Newlywed Game (The Greatest American Hero)
File:Now You See It (The Greatest American Hero)File:Operation Spoilsport.jpgFile:Operation Spoilsport (The Greatest American Hero)
File:Reseda Rose.jpgFile:Reseda Rose (The Greatest American Hero)File:Rhonda.jpg
File:Rose.jpgFile:Sargent.jpgFile:Saturday On Sunset Boulevard (The Greatest American Hero)
File:Saturday on Sunset Boulevard.jpgFile:Scarlet Wild.jpgFile:Search logo.png
File:Son.jpgFile:Space Ranger (The Greatest American Hero)File:Spirit.jpg
File:Springfield.jpgFile:Ted McSherry.jpgFile:Tgah-hottie.jpg
File:Tgah-whyme.jpgFile:The Beast in Black.jpgFile:The Beast in the Black (The Greatest American Hero)
File:The Best Desk Scenario.jpgFile:The Best Desk Scenario (The Greatest American Hero)File:The Devil in the Deep Blue Sea (The Greatest American Hero)
File:The Good Samaritan (The Greatest American Hero)File:The Handpainted Thai (The Greatest American Hero)File:The Hit Car (The Greatest American Hero)
File:The Hit Car ep.jpgFile:The Lost Diablo (The Greatest American Hero)File:The Plague (The Greatest American Hero)
File:The Price Is Right (The Greatest American Hero)File:The Resurrection of Carlini (The Greatest American Hero)File:The Shock Will Kill You (The Greatest American Hero)
File:The Two-Hundred-Mile-An-Hour Fastball (The Greatest American Hero)File:There's Just No Accounting (The Greatest American Hero)File:Theresa.jpg
File:Thirty Seconds Over Little Tokyo (The Greatest American Hero)File:This Is the One the Suit Was Meant for (The Greatest American Hero)File:Title.jpg
File:Tony.jpgFile:Tracy.jpgFile:Train of Thought (The Greatest American Hero)
File:Vanity, Says the Preacher (The Greatest American Hero)File:Villagra and Marion Khan.jpgFile:Who's Woo in America (The Greatest American Hero)
File:Wiki.pngFile:Wizards and Warlocks (The Greatest American Hero)

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